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Your Buildings and Improvements

Discover Issues Before They’re a Problem

Hold Developers and Contractors Accountable for Construction Errors and Financial Deficits

Protect Your Buildings and Infrastructure

We concentrate our practice in resolving claims with developers and builders.

Our attorneys have a combined 75+ years of experience representing the interests of Central Florida, Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida community associations in construction defect and accounting claims.  We have walked hundreds of associations through the turnover process.  Take advantage of our experience in the field.

When Do Defects Come To Light?

Construction defects aren’t always evident early on.
Nor are they always obvious to the untrained eye.

As part of the turnover process, Condominium and Homeowner Associations have a duty to conduct a thorough inspection of the buildings and improvements. There should also be a review conducted by a CPA familiar with community association accounting or association financial operation during the period of developer control.

By getting us involved at the outset of the turnover process, our lawyers can connect you with the right experts, ensuring that proper steps are taken to identify defects and financial claims at this critical stage. We can then help you navigate the process for pursuing recovery from responsible parties.

Sometimes defects don’t surface until months or years after the project’s completion. Time limitations for pursuit do come into play. As soon as you suspect a potential defect has come to light, contact us to determine the appropriate next steps.

Let’s Partner So You Get The Representation You Deserve.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Initial Consultation

We offer a free consultation to condominium and homeowner association boards. We listen to your concerns, educate you on the possibilities, and work with you to fashion a targeted strategy. 

2. Proposal

Once an effective strategy is settled upon, we assemble an expert team and put together a proposal. This will communicate expectations for the process, address financing and outline timeline.

3. Process and Resolution

We keep our eye on the ball - which is to resolve the issues in the most cost and time effective manner.  Most issues in dispute resolve without need for trial, but if a trial is necessary to secure justice, we have the experience to prevail.

The TLK Legal Difference

Our Attorneys have Florida-based experience you can trust

  • More than 75 years of combined trial experience
  • Assisted with hundreds of Condominium and Homeowner Association Turnovers
  • Extensive knowledge of the Florida construction industry
  • Track record of resolving cases with large builders and developers

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Overseeing A Condo or HOA Is A Heavy Responsibility

Don’t go it alone.

Partner with Tannenbaum and take advantage of our experience and capabilities to team with you to resolve your issues and bring about long-term sustainability for your property.


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