We Protect Associations in Undertaking Major Repair Projects

Experienced Construction Lawyers Serving Florida Community Associations

Negotiating Contracts with Engineers and Contractors

Supporting the Association in Keeping the Project on Track

Defending Claims and Enforcing Contract Rights

We protect the interests of Community Associations undertaking Major Repair Projects.

Our attorneys have a combined 75+ years of experience representing the interests of Central Florida, Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida community associations in the undertaking of major repair projects. We have helped Community Associations save money and time, and reduce stress during major repair undertakings. Take advantage of our experience in the field.

Our firm has a wealth of experience representing associations in all aspects of repair contracting and contract enforcement.

We can help you address issues such as:

Preparing for a Project We can help you identify the right engineer and contractor for the job and negotiate contracts with necessary owner protections. We advise association boards and management on the best practice to improve chances of project success.

Enforcing the Contract We are there for you as the project unfolds to help inspire the contractor to properly perform and to resolve disputes officially.

Project Closeout Have liens been released? Were warranties delivered? Were all inspections passed? Did the engineer approve the final payment? We are there to make sure these issues are dealt with before final payment.

Pursuing Warranty Claims and Defending Contractors Claims If defects are discovered with the work post completion, we are there to enforce warranties. If the contractor pursues the association, we are there to defend the association’s interest.

Let’s Partner So You Get The Representation You Deserve.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Initial Consultation

We offer a free consultation for major repair projects. We listen to the details of your project, educate you on the possibilities, and work with you to fashion a targeted strategy.

2. Proposal

Once an effective strategy is settled upon, we assemble an expert team and put together a proposal. This will communicate expectations for the process, address financing and outline timeline.

3. Process and Resolution

We keep our eye on the ball - which is to make sure your project progresses in the most cost and time effective manner. We assist if any issues arise, and make sure the project is completed well. 

The TLK Legal Difference

Our Attorneys have Florida-based experience you can trust

  • More than 75 years of combined trial experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the Florida construction industry
  • Track record of resolving cases with engineers and contractors

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Overseeing a Major Repair Project is a Heavy Responsibility

Don’t go it alone.

Partner with Tannenbaum. Take advantage of our experience and capabilities to make sure your project is completed properly in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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