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Real Estate and Business Transactions

Real estate and business transactions can be rewarding and relatively painless when properly managed, but disappointing and expensive when not.

Tannenbaum Lemole & Kleinberg assists clients throughout Florida and New York with real estate and business transactions and litigation. From contract negotiation and formation through closing and post-contract enforcement put our 75 plus years of combined real estate and business transaction and litigation to use.


  • Retain an attorney before entering into any real estate or business related contract, whether it is to buy, sell or list a property or business.
  • If you want to enter into a contract before you have retained an attorney to secure the buyer or seller, be sure to make the contract contingent upon your attorney’s approval.
  • Even if you have entered into a contract to buy or sell, you should still seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible to be sure that your interests are protected to the greatest extent possible.

Why You Need an Attorney Even When There is a Title Company Involved

Tannenbaum understands that title companies play an important role in Florida real estate transactions, but we know from experience that the title company is not enough to protect all of your interests in full.

Most buyers in real estate transactions will receive a policy of title insurance, presumably to ensure that the buyer has received “marketable title” and “insurable title”. Buyers should understand that “marketable title” and “insured title” do not necessarily mean that the buyer has been fully protected.

As a buyer, it is just as important to know what is not insured as what is insured; and it is just as important to know what restrictions exist to the use of the property as to what uses of the property are permitted.

For example, residential real estate purchase and sale contracts typically state that title exceptions, such as easements and restrictions, will not prevent the residential use of the property. Although a restriction to the use of the property and an exception to title insurance coverage may not interfere with the use of the property for residential purposes, it may interfere with the buyer’s other intended uses of the property (i.e. docking a boat; installing a fence or pool, operating a business, etc.).

Some Things To Remember

  • A title company provides insurance for what it deems it wants to insure, not necessarily what you want to have insured.
  • Title companies do not have any reason to explain insurance exclusions to you. Attorneys can negotiate exclusions to your benefit so that you are truly insured.
  • Title companies are not qualified to identify the full scope of property issues that attorneys can, including things like boundary disputes or adverse possession.
  • Attorneys are equipped to address title discrepancies that may arise, such as actions to clear title defects (quiet title actions), etc.
    In most instances, your attorney can facilitate the title insurance you need.
  • Attorneys do not accept a title just because it has been that way for a few steps in the title chain.

Let’s Partner So You Get The Representation You Deserve.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Initial Consultation

We offer a free consultation to condominium and homeowner association boards. We listen to your concerns, educate you on the possibilities, and work with you to fashion a targeted strategy. 

2. Proposal

Once an effective strategy is settled upon, we assemble an expert team and put together a proposal and game plan. This will prepare you for the process, address financing, and establish a realistic timeline.

3. Process and Resolution

We keep our eye on the ball - which is to resolve the issues in the most cost and time effective manner.  Most issues in dispute resolve without need for trial, but if a trial is necessary to secure justice, we have the experience to prevail.

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